Can’t find what you’re looking for in our nursery? Don’t worry, you can also order plants that we may not have in stock online through  Monrovia and have them sent to our location on US 24. The best part? All the plants you order through Monrovia come with free shipping! We’ll give you a call when your plants arrive and you can pick them up at your convenience. It’s that easy! We recommend Monrovia plants because...

  1. They are healthier, hardier, and will flourish in your garden

  2. Nurtured in a proprietary soil mixture

  3. Added mycorrhizae to enhance root development

  4. Larger, fuller plants

  5. Hundreds of new, improved varieties

  6. More pest and disease resistant

  7. Found at the best independent garden centers

  8. Fantastic topiary shapes, patio trees, and espaliers available

  9. Vivid colors in foliage, fruit, and flowers

  10. Monrovia plants make you look like a fabulous gardener

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